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Joust Ring

3 Lane
Bungee Run

Joust Arena

We Have Fun

Age range: 12 - Adult
Capacity: 3 Competitors
Actual Size 15 x 40
Rental rate: $225/6hrs
Deposit required: No

This unit was designed with you in mind. Our 3 lane bungee run is different, Never before made for any company. We put our heads together and asked how can we make this the best bungee run ever. Others had 2 lanes so we gave it 3. Others had no wall at the end so for safety we added a wall at the end. No one had basketball hoops at the end we just threw that in for the fun of it. You run and stretch the bungee, and then try to toss the ball through the hoop at the end before you get snapped back. Come see us at the Rillito Park Raceway.
Dates: October 17-18th at the Tucson Arts Food and Wine Festival.