$160.00/ for up to 6hrs
To Reserve Call: 520-445-8029
Cool and refreshing in the Tucson Summer Heat

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30 foot slip-n-dip with a pool

Slip N Slide 33 foot long

29 foot slip-n-slide with no pool

Covered Wagon Dual Lane

30 foot dual lane slip-n-slide

To Book Call : 520-445-8029

Age range: 2 - Adult
Capacity: One at a time
Space required: 16'x40'
Rental rate: $160.00 / 6 hours
Depends on unit
Deposit required: No

The California Wave wet slide brings a hang ten opportunity to your guests, with fantastic details that make this an inflatable no one will want to miss. Riders will be yelling "Bonzai" as they enter this amazing ocean-inspired horizontal slide, and then cruise from the pool to the curving wave crest on the other side. Players can catch primo surfing action in this clever surf n slide, without having to travel to Cali-forn-i-a! Strictly for wet action, the California Wave slide is sure to add cool and gnarly surfer action.

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