$160/6hrs without water
$195/6hrs with water
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Ninja Turtles
4 in 1

Pirates Of The Caribbean

4 in 1

Dream Castle
4 in 1

Girls 4 in 1

Jungle Mania

Happy Birthday
4 in 1

Strawberry Shotcake
4 in 1

All Sports
4 in 1
To Book Call : 520-445-8029

Unit Name: 4 in 1 L
Age range: 3 - Adult
Capacity: depends on age
Space required: 23' x 22'
Rental rate: $160 / 6 hrs without water, $195/6hrs with water
Deposit required: No

Girls Dream Castle is that special place for your children to enjoy their time with freinds new and old. It will keep all the children busy for hours with it's basketball hhoop slide climb and jumping area. In the summer for an additional fee it's sprinkler hose will keep the children cool and happy. For unit to go wet you must provide a garden hose and water outlet.

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