$600/3 Hours
1 attendant provided for your safety.
To Book Your Castle Call : 520-445-8029
Provide an exciting thrill for your guest

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King Of The Mountain

Jurassic Mountain
Rock Wall

Mega 4 Slide Obstacle

40' train
Obstacle Course

65 Foot

50 Foot
Go Course

2 Lane
51' Obstacle Course

2 Lane
Hop N Rock
Wipe Out
To Book Call : Call 520-445-8029

Age range: 3 - Adult
Capacity: More than 50 races/hour
1 climber at a time
Unless an additional attendant is booked at 15.00 per hour
Space required: 70' Diameter
Rental rate: $600/3 Hours
1 attendant provided for your safety.
A second lane open requires an additional attendant for 15.00 an hour extra
Deposit required: Yes Non Refundable 200.00 to book

The Jurasice Mountain is a challenging infalatable activity that allows up to two competitors to race to the top. The unit has safety lines for each climber. We provide one attendants for your safety an additional attendant maybe be booked for a second lane. This unit is bound to be a hit for any large event providing hours of excitement and fun for all your guest. Additional hours are available at an additional cost of 150.00 this includes the unit and the attendants required.
Jumpmaxx is your Tucson Party Supply leader providing exceptional variety and value pricing that can not be beat.
**This unit must be able to be driven up to with the truck and trailer for delivery at the exact place it will be setup.
**This unit requires 1 large and 2 small blowers 12 amps for tha large and 10 apeice for the 2 small blowers. Each blower must be plugged into a seperate outlet on a seperate breaker. **You maybe best served to rent a large generator for 50.00 additional.

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