$160/6hrs without water
$195/6hrs with water
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Ninja Turtles
4 in 1

Pirates Of The Caribbean

4 in 1

Dream Castle
4 in 1

Girls 4 in 1

Jungle Mania

Happy Birthday
4 in 1

Strawberry Shotcake
4 in 1

All Sports
4 in 1
To Book Call : 520-445-8029

Age range: 3 - Adult
Capacity: depends on age
Space required: 20' x 25'
Rental rate: $160/ 6 hrs without water, $195/6 hrs with water
Deposit required: No

The Ninja Turtles licensed 4-in-1 combo bounce house features everyone's battlers against shedder and his evil minons, these terrapins fight for justice under and above the streets of Ney York city. This large bounce house is sure to attract guests young and old as it paints a picture in every childs imagination. Help Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello and Raphael and overcome evil and bring justice to the world. Children will enjoy hours of fun with a slide a climb and a basketball hoop inside the unit. The different physical activities will leave them ready to sleep like a baby after a fun filled day. Beware of imitations and fake paneled units they are a voilation of copyright. Lisenced units are the right thing to do.

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