$80.00 / for up to 6 hours
$50.00 with any other castle rental on the same day
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Double Hoop

Kicking Cage

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RV Wilderness
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Age range: 3 - Adult
Capacity: 2
Space required: 12'W x 32'L x 20'H
Rental rate: $80.00 / for up to 6 hours
$50.00 with any other castle rental on the same day
Deposit required: No

Jumpmaxx Loves Soccer Collies and we have a unit to prove it.
You can see more about Soccer collies at

If you do not know what Soccer Collies are then let me tell you a little about them.

They are very amazing dogs and my children spent hours playing soccer against them.
They live for the game catching and kicking and sending the soccer ball down the field. Try to keep the ball away from them they will steal it away with amazing charm and grace.
After just a little time being with them and their trainer you will be hooked on soccer collies.
Want to have these collies play for you in their inflatable just contact their dad at
Mark Lucas at:

They have preformed at large events keeping children enterained and at half time shows.
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