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10x10 Standard Castles
$90 6hrs Dry Only

Dream Castle

Funhouse Castle

Castle 2 10x10
13x13 Standard Castles
$100 6hrs Dry Only


Sports Fun Castle

Castle 2

Celebrate Castle

Girls Dream Castle


Elmos World

Dora Standard

Pirates Of Caribbean

Spiderman Standard

Tinkerbell Standard

Backyardigan Standard

Sponge Bob

Mickey Park Standard

Disney Princess

Disney 7

Disney Little Mermaid

Standard Lilo and Stitch

Disney Lion King Castle

Dino the Dinosaur

Sesame Street

Funhouse with
Basketball hoop

Cars Standard

Toy Story 3

13x13 Scooby Doo

Dazzling Castle

Tropical Mod

Kings Castle

Funny Farm

Star Avengers

Superman Castle

Disney Palace Pets Standard Castle

Sofia The First

Minnie Mouse

Tweety Cage Castle

15' x 15'
Standard Castles
$110/6hrs Dry Only

Castle II

Disney Princess

Dream Castle

Zombie Town

Frozen 15 x 15
Clubhouse Castles 13'x15'
$115/6hrs Dry Only

Safari Adventure Club House

Clubhouse Castles 15x17

Buzz Lightyear

Scooby Doo Club

Toy Story Clubhouse

Sponge Bob Club House

Looney Tunes Club

Sports Club House
Units That Can Go Wet Or Dry Below
15' X 15'
$80 Dry $140 Wet /6hrs

Standard Fun Train Castle

Standard Tropical Castle

Standard Race Car Castle
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Age range: Toddler - Adult
Capacity: 4-8
Space Required: Depends on Castle
Rental Rate: Depends on Size
Deposit Required: No

These value priced castles will make memories that your children will carry with them for the rest of there life. Over and over again we have heard. Busy Kids Make Great Parties! The will play hard and long and you will find yourself able to do all that you need to do as a host of your event. These units are priced so that you will be able to afford them on a budget. Check out our new additions, Lion King, Little Mermaid, and Disney Princess, Lilo and Stitch

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